WEMA Bank Past Questions and Answers PDF Download Updated Version

WEMA Bank Past Questions and Answers PDF Download Updated Version

We have uploaded the up-to-date WEMA bank past questions and answers PDF for download and enhancement of preparation for the upcoming recruitment aptitude test. So, if you have been searching for a material to read then you’re on the right page.

Wema bank aptitude test is a very crucial stage in the recruitment process and failure to pass this stage will lead to disqualification.

Regarding this, it is very important you prepare as much as you can to ensure you pass the aptitude test. I guess the moment you got shortlisted for the screening test, you must have considered the kind of materials you should be reading.

One of the best materials you can study for this aptitude test is WEMA Bank past questions and answers because it will expose you to vitalities of the examination. Remember this will be a Computer-Based-Test (CBT).

Why Study WEMA Bank Past Questions and Answers?

In a normal scenario, one of the fundamental actions you would have taken, would have been to reach out to someone who has written to exam before so as to get necessary information.

That is exactly what this material will help you achieve, it will expose to your necessary aspects of the exam like the pattern questions are been set, how many questions to expect, the key subject areas etc.

Most importantly, answers have been provided to all the questions, also you will take note of questions that do repeat year after year.

Your self-confidence and optimism towards success in the exam will be increased and I guess you understand the pivotal role your psych plays in the entire process.

Features of WEMA Bank Past Questions and Answers PDF

WEMA Bank recruitment aptitude test for entry level is not based on the position you applied for but rather base on the following areas.

  • Logical reasoning
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • English language
  • General knowledge on the banking sector

We have all of this as WEMA bank past questions and answers compendium available for download here. Kindly note that the material is in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Beside WEMA bank aptitude test past questions and answers, we also have the following material available for download.

Free Version of WEMA Bank Past Questions

The secret to success in business is entrepreneurial spirit at all levels of the company. Employees who are identified as entrepreneurs in their own right are more motivated – their own financial success becomes integrated with the company’s. Those who are oriented towards personal entrepreneurship will work long hours to develop their own tried-and-tested business practices and strategies, contributing as willing partners to the achievements of the company as a whole.

Orientation and value-formation training can induce this kind of thinking in new staff recruits, inculcating the notion of how quickly it is possible to achieve financial security through hard work and innovative business approaches, combined with the impression that to miss out on opportunities for such rapid economic and social advancement would be at best unwise and at worst catastrophic.

Q1 Employees instilled with the idea of personal entrepreneurship will be less willing to contribute to the success of the company as a whole.

True                                False                                      Cannot say

Answer: False – the passage states in fact that such employees will contribute “as willing partners to the achievements of the company.”

Q2  New staff members can be indoctrinated with the virtues of entrepreneurship.

True                                False                                      Cannot say

Answer: True – the passage states that “this kind of thinking” – which refers directly to the personal entrepreneurship approach discussed in the first paragraph – can be induced through “Orientation and value-formation training”.

Q3   Employees encouraged to think of themselves as entrepreneurs work fewer hours than other staff members.

True                                False                                      Cannot say

Answer: Cannot say – while the passage states, “Those who are oriented towards personal entrepreneurship will work long hours”, therefore implying that the answer to this question should be ‘false’, there is no explicit comparison with other staff in either direction, so no definite answer can be given.

How to Download WEMA Bank Past Questions and Answers PDF

To download WEMA Bank past questions, you have to pay a token of Two Thousand Naira (N2,000) using any of the methods we’ve provided below.

You can either download this material online or offline. Both methods are carefully explained below but kindly note that whichever method you choose, the cost for the material is Two Thousand Naira (N2,000).

Online Method (Using ATM Card)

To download this material via the online method, you’re to:

  • Click the download now button on this page
  • View checkout
  • Input your information and ATM card details and process the payment online

Immediately after payment, the file will pop-up for you to download. Note if you do not get the auto redirect, message us via WhatsApp.Past Question Hub Payment Icon

Offline Method (Bank Deposit)

In this method, you’re to make a bank deposit transfer or POS payment into the account below.

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Assurance of Getting the Material

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