UBEC Past Questions and Answers PDF Download Up-to-Date

UBEC Past Questions and Answers PDF Download Up-to-Date

You can download the up-to-date UBEC past questions and answers PDF here to enable you prepare better for the forthcoming Universal Basic Education Commission recruitment screening exercise.

Hello there! Welcome to Past Question Hub, today we will be sharing with you the steps on how to download UBEC recruitment past questions and answers to help you gain adequate preparation for the upcoming aptitude test.

I guess you must have submitted application for the Universal Basic Education Commission teachers recruitment and have been shortlisted for screening. Prior to this, you might have been searching online to lay hands on a reliable material to study.

In this context, one of the best material which you can study with regards to Universal Basic Education Commission recruitment aptitude test is UBEC past questions and answers.

You may ask why? Cool, see the answer below.

Why Download UBEC Past Questions and Answers

The major reason why you should download and study this material is because, it is simply the compilation of previous UBEC job aptitude test and answers are provided accordingly to the marking syllables.

With this material, you will be exposed to vitalities of the aptitude test and off course success is rest assured. Remember there are hundreds to thousand others also seeking for this same opportunity, therefore you do not have to joke with it.

You can also download:

Features of UBEC Recruitment Past Questions

Some of the things you should expect from this material is that; first, the material is soft copy i.e. Portable Document Format (PDF). You can read it using your device or simply print it out.

Another thing is that, the material contains approximately two (2) to three (3) years of UBEC recruitment aptitude test previous questions and we’re currently working very hard to update it.

The subject areas which the material covers are:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Teaching profession
  • Current affairs
  • Numerical reasoning
  • English language
  • General knowledge

Benefits of Downloading UBEC Past Questions PDF

There are numerous reasons why we recommend shortlisted candidates should download and study this material. Some of these includes:

  • Exposure to the actual questions of the forthcoming examination
  • Exposure to the examination pattern, core subject areas and how best to answer them
  • Learning how to manage and maximize your time better
  • Improving on your areas of weakness
  • Studying this material will boost your level of preparation
  • You will also take note of questions that frequently repeat over the years

Sample of UEC Past Questions

In the United Kingdom, shops include the V.A.T (Value Added Tax) on the goods they sell so that the V.A.T amount is incurred by the purchaser of the goods. If the current normal rate of V.A.T in the United Kingdom is 15% on your selling price, solve the following question

Q31  After adding his percentage profit on a Wine drink the value came to £72.00.

How much would Frank put as the selling price of the wine drink.

A £82.80         B.  85.60       C. 88.60         D. 89.20         E. 89.70

The V.A.T is 15%

Therefore, the Selling Price = 1.15 x 72= £82.80 (A)

Q32   Charles sold a canerack for £90.00. What was the original price of the canerack before V.A.T was added.

  1. £67.20 B. £77.20 C. £78.20  D. £88.20      E. £89.20

To get the original price of Canerack, divide by the increase of 15% Original Price = £90.00/1.15 = £78.20 (C)

Q33  What is the V.A.T amount if a product sold for £84.00.

  1. £10.50 B. £12.60 C. £14.70  D. £15.80     E. £16.90

Since the V.A.T is 15%. The V.A.T amount = 15% of 84.00 = £12.6

How to Download UBEC Past Questions and Answers PDF

You can download UBEC recruitment past questions by simply clicking on the blue download button on your screen and thereafter follow the instructions provided there.

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