SURCON Past Questions and Answers PDF Download Up to Date

SURCON Past Questions and Answers PDF Download Up to Date

Surveyors Council of Nigeria, SURCON past questions and answers PDF is available for download on this page. Are you preparing for the forthcoming SURCON examination? If yes, then you need to download this material.

Surveyors Council of Nigeria is a professional exam and you need adequate preparation to ace the process. It is normal to feel nervous about examination in generally irrespective of your educational qualified or exposure.

In this context, I’m sure you need to material so you can refresh your memory about certain things you may have forgotten. For this reason, we have compiled the up to date SURCON past questions and answers in PDF and have provided the steps on how to get it.

Features of SURCON Past Questions  

The SURCON past questions we have is a compilation of previous examination and correct answers according to the exam syllables have been provided.

Also, note that currently we do not have hard copy but you can get the soft copy which is in Portable Document Format (PDF) right in your mail within minutes. The subject areas which Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON) past questions covers are:

  • Global Positioning System
  • Minefields Boundary Surveys
  • Land Use Act
  • Arrangement Needed for Survey Work
  • Structure of Private Survey Organization
  • Management in Surveying
  • Surveying Coordination Act
  • General Hints on Oral Interview and Folio Defence
  • Chain Surveying
  • Surveyors License Board
  • Geographic Information System

Benefits of Practicing SURCON Past Questions PDF

There is nothing wrong in trying to ascertain what would be your benefits after spending hours to study this material. This is why we have decided to highlight amongst others some key reasons why you should download this material.

  • Through practicing NTI PGDE past questions, you will get a better insight of the examination questions
  • You will get to understand the examination question more
  • It is inevitable that questions will repeat
  • Studying this material will as well boost your self-confidence
  • You will also get predisposed to the actual exam questions

We also have available for download:

SURCON Sample Questions

Below is an extract from SURCON past questions and correct answers are the bold ones.

During chaining along a straight line, the leader of the party has 4 arrows in his hand while the follower has 6. Distance of the follower from the starting point is

a) 4 chains

b) 6 chains

c) 120 m

d) 180m

A metallic tape is made of

a) Steel

b) Invar

c) Linen

d) Cloth and wires

For a well-conditioned triangle, no angle should be less than

a) 20°

b) 30°

c) 45°

d) 60°

The allowable length of an offset depends upon the

a) Degree of accuracy required

b) Method of setting out the perpendiculars and nature of ground

c) Scale of plotting

d) All of the above

Which of the following angles can be set out with the help of French cross staff?

a) 45° only

b) 90° only

c) Either 45° or 90°

d) Any angle

The permissible error in chaining for measurement with chain on rough or hilly ground is

a) 1 in 100

b) 1 in 250

c) 1 in 500

d) 1 in 1000

The correction for sag is

a) Always additive

b) Always subtractive

c) Always zero

d) Sometimes additive and sometimes subtractive

How to Download SURCON Past Questions and Answers PDF

We have provided two (2) major methods through which you can download this material. All you have to do is click the blue button at the beginning of this page and follow the instructions provided which after a successful payment, the material will automatically pop-up for download.

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