Sokoto College of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF

Sokoto College of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

Sokoto College of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF: Are you preparing for the forthcoming entrance examination at Sokoto College of Nursing & Midwifery but yet confuse of the material to study?

If yes, Sokoto College of Nursing past questions is one of the outstanding material we recommend you study to ensure success in this examination.

Many candidates just approach exams without taking time to find out what is expected of them, how the exam questions are usually set etc. All these are covered if you download and study the up-to-date Sokoto College of Nursing past questions and answers as we have available on this page.

Features off Sokoto College of Nursing Past Questions

The Sokoto College of Nursing past questions is simply the compilation of previous years exam questions and answers are provided according to the marking scheme.

We have clearly scanned, compiled and arranged properly this material year by year. In this regard, kindly note that the material is only available in soft copy at the moment.

The soft copy we mean here is Portable Document Format (PDF), which means you can easily read the material using your phone or probably print it out as hardcopy.

Also, the material covers the following subject areas;

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Use of English

These are also the aspect which the exams do cover.

Benefits of Studying Sokoto College of Nursing Past Questions PDF

Just as we have highlighted earlier, studying this material keeps you ahead of other candidates because you will gain the following benefits.

  • First, you will understand better how the questions are being set and how it looks.
  • You will discover questions that are always repeat as well as topics
  • The material will predispose you to the actual exam questions
  • After studying this material, your confidence will be boosted as you will feel better prepared
  • It will help you overcome exam fright easily

With these benefits you’re already on your way to success as long as this exam is concern.

We also have the following past questions available.

Sample Version

70. In linear molecules, the bond angle is A. 900 B. 104° C. 1800 D. 20°.

71. A sodium atom and a sodium iron have the same A. number of neutrons B. number of electrons C. Electric charge D. chemical properties.

72. An increase in the pressure of a gas results in a decrease in it‘s A. mass B. vapour density C. volun D. Temperature.

73. An acid is a substance which in the presence of water produced A. salts B. oxygen C. hydroxonium irons D. effervescence.

74. Which of the following is a general method of preparing acid? A. Direct combination of constituent elements B. Double decomposition involving a salt solution C. Reaction between an anhydride and water D. Dissolution of hydroxides followed by neutralization.

How to Download Sokoto College of Nursing Past Questions

To get Sokoto College of Nursing Past Questions, proceed by clicking the blue download button at the start of this page then follow the instructions thereof, complete your payment then return to the download page to get a copy of the material (remember it is soft copy i.e. Portable Document Format, PDF).

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