Sigma Pension Past Questions and Answers PDF

Sigma Pension Past Questions and Answers Download PDF Up to Date

Sigma Pension Past Questions and Answers PDF up to date is available for download here to enable you prepare better for the upcoming recruitment screening test. So, if you have been searching online for a material for study for Sigma Pension recruitment aptitude test then you have arrived the right page.

It is not easy to pass through Sigma Pension recruitment process which includes application, shortlisting and then screening to get disqualified out of the process because of screening test.

In this regard, it is really important you prepare better for the forthcoming aptitude test and one of the material that will help you attain that quickly is Sigma Pension past questions.

Note that studying hard is not enough but you also need to study smart. How about studying three hours a day for about one week before the exam and on the day of exam you realize you’ve been studying out of context.

I can imagine how disappointing that would and off course no one would really need that. Sequel to this, if you studying even an hour daily but hammering on the core areas? Definitely it would be exciting and this is exactly what Sigma Pension past questions can help you achieve.

Benefits of Studying Sigma Pension Past Questions

Few of the outstanding key benefits of studying Sigma Pension past questions and answers are:

  • Getting to understand the pattern through which questions are being set
  • Getting predisposed to the actual exam questions
  • Understand how best to allocate time to each questions
  • Having an idea of how many question you should expect
  • Taking note of questions that do always repeat
  • Studying this material will help boost your self-confidence etc.

We also have the following past questions available in our store:

Content of Sigma Pension Recruitment Past Questions

The Sigma Pension past questions and answers that we have available for download is softcopy and we have compiled it into a Portable Document Format (PDF).

In addition to this, the subject areas which the aptitude test questions covers are:

  • Abstract reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • English language
  • General knowledge

Sample of Sigma Pension Past Questions

This fishing pole Nathan, has seen better days.

  • Pole, Nathan,
  • Has, seen
  • Nathan,
  • No error

My cousin has moved to 56 Central Street Narragansett, Rhode Island 02882.

  • Has moved,
  • Central Street,
  • 56, Central
  • No error

The badger, a shy animal sometimes makes friends with a coyote.

  • Sometimes, makes
  • Friends, with
  • A shy animal,
  • No error

After the death of Blackbeard, the famous pirate, piracy disappeared from the coast of the American colonies.

  • The famous pirate
  • After the death,
  • Coast, of
  • No error

“Silent Night” was written by two men from the village of Oberndorf Austria.

  • men, from
  • Silent Night,
  • Oberndorf, Austria
  • No error

On November 19, 1929 Admiral Richard E. Byrd flew the Floyd Bennett to the base of the Queen Maud Mountains.

  • Base, of
  • The, Queen
  • 1929,
  • no error


If the sales projections for next year prove accurate, which region will have maintained or increased sales levels each year from the previous year to next year?

  1. Northern Region
  2. Southern Region
  3. Eastern Region
  4. Western Region
  5. Central Region

What is the absolute difference between the lowest and the highest performing region (to the nearest £million) in the current year?

  • £216 million
  • £217 million
  • £218 million
  • £219 million
  • £220 million

Q38 If next year‟s forecasts are scaled back by a quarter for the Northern and Western region, and by a fifth for the Southern and Eastern regions, what will be the total projected sales for all 5 regions?

  • £1,155 million
  • £924 million
  • £919.50 million
  • £942 million
  • £866.25 million

How to Download Sigma Pension Past Questions PDF

You can download Sigma Pension past questions and answers by simply clicking on the blue download button on your screen and thereafter follow the instructions provided there.

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