NPA Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

Nigeria Port Authority NPA Past Questions and Answers Pdf Download

Do you wish to download the pdf of Nigeria Port Authority NPA past questions and answers for the recruitment aptitude test screening? If yes, you’re on the right page.

We have available for download the up-to-date version of Nigeria Port Authority NPA past questions and answers in PDF. The steps on how you can download is below.

Before expounding the steps, I want you to understand the importance of getting this material and the role it plays in your success as regarding NPA aptitude test screening.

Importance of Studying NPA Past Questions

Basically, gaining employment into the Nigeria Port Authority was a priority for you the moment you submitted an application for the recruitment exercise.

There after you have been shortlisted, and the final success is dependent on your ability to pass the aptitude test screening, would you like to ruin the entire effort?

One of the secrets passing any exams or aptitude test is preparing with the accurate material and in this regard, NPA past questions and answers would be great helpful. Below are some of the benefits you stand to gain studying NPA past questions.

  • There is tendency that the questions would be repeated
  • You will understand the pattern which questions are being set
  • By studying NPA past questions, you will understand which area to read most about
  • You will also know how to go about answering the questions

Feature of Studying NPA Past Questions

The Nigeria Port Authority past questions PDF covers the following areas;

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Current Affairs
  • Ports and Shipping Operations related questions

These are the core aspects which NPA using set their questions on, note that the aptitude test is not position base but rather general.

We also have the following material available in our store:

Sample of NPA Past Questions

Q40   When limitations were in effect on nuclear-arms testing, people tended to save more of their money, but when nuclear-arms testing increased, people tended to spend more of their money. The perceived threat of nuclear catastrophe, therefore, decreases the willingness of people to postpone consumption for the sake of saving money.

The argument above assumes that

  1. The perceived threat of nuclear catastrophe has increased over the years. B. Most people supported the development of nuclear arms
  2. People’s perception of the threat of nuclear catastrophe depends on the amount of nuclear-arms testing being done
  3. The people who saved the most money when nuclear-arms testing was limited were the ones who supported such limitations
  4. There are more consumer goods available when nuclear-arms testing increases

C is the best Option

On the basis of an observed correlation between arms testing and people’s tendency to save money, the argument concludes that there is a causal connection between a perception of threat and the tendency not to save. That connection cannot be made unless C, linking the perception of threat to the amount of testing being done, is assumed to be true. Therefore, C is the best answer. The conclusion does not depend on there having been an increase in the perceived threat over time or on how many people supported the development of nuclear arms.

Hence, neither of A and B is assumed. The argument does not deal with those who supported arms limitations or with the availability of consumer goods. Thus, D and E are not assumed.

How to Download NPA Past Questions and Answers

You can download this material by simply clicking on the blue download button on your screen and thereafter follow the instructions provided there.

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