NNPC Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

NNPC Past Questions and Answers PDF Download Up to Date

NNPC past questions and answers PDF up to date version is available for download to aid preparation for the forthcoming recruitment aptitude test.

Did you apply for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation recruitment and have been shortlisted for the Computer Based Test? If yes, then I guess you’re currently preparing for the exam.

In preparing for this exam, one of the best material which you can study is NNPC past questions and answers. Remember, it is important to study hard but more important to study smart.

This means, in as much as you’re preparing hard, it is as well important to prepare with the right material and NNPC recruitment aptitude test has got you covered.

Benefits of Downloading NNPC Past Questions

There are many reasons why you should study NNPC past questions, some of the key benefits are highlighted below.

  • Familiarity with Exam Format
  • Identifying Important Topics
  • Improving Time Management
  • Understanding Question Patterns
  • Assessing Your Knowledge
  • Building Confidence
  • Reducing Exam Stress
  • Improving Problem-Solving Skills
  • Increasing Speed and Accuracy
  • Enhancing Retention

NNPC exams often include technical and problem-solving questions. Regularly practicing with past questions can enhance your problem-solving abilities and analytical thinking, which are valuable skills in various job roles within the corporation.

Features of NNPC Past Questions and Answers

We have compiled the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation recruitment past questions into PDF file which is easily accessible by any device.

The material covers the following subject areas:

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Current Affairs
  • English language
  • Abstract reasoning
  • General knowledge etc.

We also have the following past questions available in our store:

Sample of NNPC Past Questions

If the average of three numbers is V. If one of the numbers is Z and another is Y, what is the remaining number?






Two cyclists start biking from a trail’s start 3 hours apart. The second cyclist travels at 10 miles per hour and starts 3 hours after the first cyclist who is traveling at 6 miles per hour. How much time will pass before the second cyclist catches up with the first from the time the second cyclist started biking?

2 hours

4 ½ hours

5 ¾ hours

6 hours

7 ½ hours


Jim can fill a pool carrying buckets of water in 30 minutes. Sue can do the same job in 45 minutes. Tony can do the same job in 1 ½ hours. How quickly can all three fill the pool together?

  1. 12 minutes
  2. 15 minutes
  3. 21 minutes
  4. 23 minutes
  5. 28 minutes

Work-related stress is one of the biggest causes of sick leave in the UK. If you’ve noticed you always seem to be rushing about, or miss meal breaks, take work home or don’t have enough time for relaxation, seeing your family or for exercise, then you may well find yourself under stress, especially at work.

There is often no single cause of work-related stress, but it can be caused by poor working conditions, long hours, relationship problems with colleagues, or lack of job security. Stress is often the result of a combination of these factors that builds up over time. Work-related stress can result in both physical problems such as headaches, muscular tension, back or neck pain, tiredness, digestive problems and sweating; or emotional problems, such as a lower sex drive, feelings of inadequacy, irritability and lack of concentration. According to recent surveys, one in six of the UK working population said their job is very stressful, and thirty percent of men said that the demands of their job interfere with their private lives.

Q1 Stress at work is often caused by relationship problems with your partner.

True                                               False                                   Cannot say

Answer: Cannot say – This may well be true, but is not stated in the passage so we have to answer Cannot Say. The passage refers only to relationship problems with colleagues and does not say if relationship problems with a partner do or don’t cause stress.

Q2 Work-related stress can result in tiredness and a lack of concentration.

True                                          False                                   Cannot say

Answer: True -The fifth sentence lists tiredness as one of the physical problems caused by stress, and lack of concentration is listed under emotional problems.

Q3 One in six working men say their job is very stressful.

True                                          False                                   Cannot say

Answer: Cannot say – One in six “of the UK working population” said their job is very stressful in the study referred to in the passage. The passage does not tell us the ratio for men only, which may be higher, equal, or lower.

How to Download NNPC Past Questions and Answers PDF

Having read all these, i guess you would like to download this material. You can download this material by simply clicking on the blue download button on your screen and thereafter follow the instructions provided there.

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