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Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS past questions and answers pdf up-to-date version is available for download on this page.

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Why Download NIS Past Questions?

The Nigeria Immigration service recruitment process is a very competitive one, as such one needs to prepare very well in other to pass the CBT screening test.

Most of the shortlisted candidates face the challenge of studying the right material, some applicants fail the CBT test not because they do not know what to do but rather, they didn’t prepare the right way.

In this regard, one of the most reliable material you can study for NIS CBT test screening exercise is past questions and answers.

The NIS past questions and answers available on this page, is simply a compilation of previous CBT test. Apart from this fact, below are the numerous reasons why you should download and study the Nigeria Immigration service past questions.

  • First and foremost, the questions are likely to repeat
  • Next, you will understand the format of the examination
  • You will have an insight of what the real test questions would look like
  • You will understand area to focus on more
  • Studying the NIS recruitment past questions will also boost self-confidence

We could go on and on, as there are tons of reasons why you need this material. Notwithstanding, let’s proceed to understanding the content of the material.

Content of NIS Past Questions

The Nigerian Immigration Service past questions available on our store is soft copy, neatly compiled to a portable document format (PDF).

The areas that these material covers includes:

  • Current affairs
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • English language and
  • General knowledge

We also have the following past questions available in our store:

Sample of NIS Past Questions

Q1 A conservation group in the United States is trying to change the long-standing

image of bats as frightening creatures. The group contends that bats are feared and persecuted solely because they are shy animals that are active only at night.

Which of the following, if true, would cast the most serious doubt on the accuracy of the group’s contention?

  1. Bats are steadily losing natural roosting places such as caves and hollow trees and are thus turning to more developed areas for roosting.
  2. Bats are the chief consumers of nocturnal insects and thus can help make their hunting territory more pleasant for humans.
  3. Bats are regarded as frightening creatures not only in the United States but also in Europe, Africa, and South America.
  4. Raccoons and owls are shy and active only at night; yet they are not generally feared and persecuted.
  5. People know more about the behavior of other greatly feared animal species, such as lions, alligators, and greatly feared animal species, such as lions, alligators, and snakes, than they do about the behavior of bats.

D is the best answer.

The group’s contention suggests that animals that are shy and active at night are feared and persecute for that reason. D establishes that raccoons and owls are shy and active at night, but that they are neither feared nor persecuted. Therefore, D is the best answer. Although an increasing prevalence of bats might explain the importance of addressing people’s fear of bats, A does not address the original causes of that fear. B and E, while relevant to the rationality of people’s fear of bats, do not affect the assessment of the accuracy of the group’s contention.

That bats are feared outside the United States, as C states, does not conflict with the group’s explanation for fear of bats in the United States.

How to Download NIS Past Questions and Answers PDF

You can download this material by simply clicking on the blue download button on your screen and thereafter follow the instructions provided there.

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