NEMA Past Questions and Answers Pdf Download Up to Date

NEMA Past Questions and Answers Pdf Download Up to Date

NEMA Past Questions and Answers Pdf is available here. To download the up-to-date National Emergency Management Agency recruitment past questions, kindly follow through the instructions we’ve provided in this article.

Did you apply for NEMA recruitment and have been shortlisted for the next phase of the recruitment exercise which is aptitude test?

If yes, then we’re glad that you found our store. We have uploaded to this page the comprehensive past questions and answers of NEMA previous recruitment exams.

Don’t forget that NEMA past questions is one of the outstanding materials you should study as regarding the forthcoming aptitude test.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot study other material but with National Emergency Management Agency past questions, you will gain more insight into what the actual exams would be thereby guiding even your other reading process.

Kindly note that, what we have is NEMA past questions PDF. That is soft copy, we currently do not supply hard copy.

Without further delay, let’s examine the features of this material and the benefits you will get studying them.

Benefits of Studying NEMA Past Questions

Then entire NEMA recruitment process is really competitive, therefore you have to stand out from the crowd, to do this, you simply have to pass the aptitude test.

Really quickly, listed below are the top benefits you stand to gain from studying NEMA past questions.

  • Understanding the format of the exams better
  • Understanding the likelihood that some questions will be repeated
  • Understanding the approach taken to answering questions
  • It will also increase your self-assurance.

Content of NEMA Past Questions

To aid better understanding and clarity, these are the kind of questions contained in this PDF as set by NEMA for the aptitude test.

  • Numerical questions
  • Verbal questions
  • English language
  • Current Affairs
  • General knowledge

We also have the following past questions available in our store:

Sample of NEMA Past Questions

Choose a word or group of words that can replace the underlined words in the sentence

Q1 Corporal punishment is still used in some schools as a deterrent to undisciplined student

A. Remedy B. Measure C. Discouragement D. Prevention          E. Hindrance

Deterrent in the context means Discouragement (C )

Q2. On crossing the bridge, the commander ordered it to be burnt, telling his soldiers that they have crossed the rubicon

  1. Reached a point of no return
  2. Attained a commendable fit
  3. Excelled in the war
  4. Gotten to an end point
  5. Passed their boundary

In the context, crossed the rubicon means to have Reached a point of no return (A)

Q3. I am sure you didn’t know that the lady is light-fingered. This means that the Lady is

  1. Careless in handling things
  2. Fair-skinned
  3. Prone to stealing
  4. Skillful with her hand
  5. Swift in boxing

The Right Option is Prone to stealing (C)

How to Download NEMA Past Questions and Answers Pdf

To get NEMA past questions, you have to pay a token of Two Thousand Naira (N2,000) using any of the methods we’ve provided below.

You can download this material by simply clicking on the blue download button on your screen and thereafter follow the instructions provided there.

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