NDLEA Past Questions and Answers Pdf – Download Here

NDLEA Past Questions and Answers Pdf – Download Here

You can download the up-to-date NDLEA past questions and answers pdf here to help you prepare better for the forthcoming recruitment aptitude test.

Did you submit an application for NDLEA recruitment and have seen your name in the list of successful applicants? If yes, then its time to begin preparation for the aptitude test exercise.

One of the best materials to guard yourself with is NDLEA past questions and answers pdf. Good news is that we have the material right available for download here.

Benefits of Studying NDLEA Past Questions PDF

We’ve come across situation where applicants are confused about the material they should read as regard their screening exams.

There is no big deal, we in most cases recommend first get a substantial material such as NDLEA past questions as this will help in divers’ way.

Listed below are some of the areas which NDLEA past questions would be of help in your preparation process.

  • First is that, there is possibility that questions would be repeated
  • While studying the material, you will understand the pattern which questions are being set
  • It is served as a preface to what your experience with NDLEA interview would be
  • You will be exposed to the interview scheme of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency recruitment
  • You then know areas that you should concentrate more
  • From the answers provided in the material, you will get the hack to best method for answers questions at NDLEA interview.

These are the fundamental amongst other benefits you stand to gain from studying NDLEA past questions and answers.

Content of NDLEA Past Questions PDF

You probably want to know the specific contents of the PDF. Please take note that we do not have hard copies accessible; instead, you will receive a well-organized PDF of past NDLEA questions with solutions.

  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Logical Reposing
  • Carrier Questions and
  • General Knowledge or Current Affairs

These are the aspects which NDLEA recruitment interview is always base.

Here are other related materials we still have available on our store.

Sample of NDLEA Past Questions

Q1   Sue: Commercial flights currently contribute more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere in one year than does the whole of Africa. If we want to reduce global warming we need to restrict the number of flights we take.

Dave: Did you know that by taking one inter-continental flight you cause more pollution than you would in twelve months of car travel?

Dave’s response to Sue’s comment serves to

  1. Reinforce Sue’s contention that flights are a major contributor to increased carbon dioxide levels
  2. Add more weight to her contention that we should reduce the number of flights we take
  3. Mitigate the force of her argument by suggesting that there is an alternative approach
  4. Suggest an alternative that will reduce the effect of pollution
  5. Question whether she really understands the severity of global warming

B is the best option

Since Dave’s comments don’t challenge what Sue says, we can eliminate answers E and C (mitigate = lessen). His comments reinforce what she says and so A sounds tempting but is wrong since Dave talks about pollution in general and doesn’t mention carbon dioxide. Of the remaining choices, B is best since Dave does give information that suggests, like Sue, that we should take fewer flights. (D is incorrect mainly because Dave is not talking about the ‘effect’ of pollution. Note how careful you have to be that all the words in an answer are exactly right.


How to Download NDLEA Past Questions and Answers

You can download NDLEA past questions by simply clicking on the blue download button on your screen and thereafter follow the instructions provided there.

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