NCDMB Past Questions and Answers PDF

NCDMB Past Questions and Answers PDF for 2023 Screening Download Up to Date

Are you interested in downloading NCDMB Past Questions and Answers to enable you prepare for the forthcoming Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board recruitment aptitude test? If yes, we’re glad you found this page as we have the up to date past questions and answers for NCDMB aptitude test.

When you’re about writing an important exam such as Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board job aptitude test, most time people get confuse as to the type of material they should. In this context, you might search for someone that has written the exam before to ask few questions or derive something from their experience.

Currently, you do not have to go through such stress as we have available for download, the up to date NCDMB Past Questions and Answers PDF that would expound all the important information you should note concerning the forthcoming aptitude test.

So, what are you waiting for? Lol! Let’s get started with the steps through which you can download this material.

Essence of Downloading NCDMB Past Questions

Think of NCDMB recruitment past questions as the necessary experience and study guide you need to ace the forthcoming aptitude test. Definitely, I’m sure if you know that if you have written an exam before, the second writing would not be the same because at this point you’re experienced.

Being experienced here means that you are acquainted with the exam pattern, questions, how to go about answers, number of questions to expect, how to better allocate your time etc.

Base on the review from previous year’s candidates, we can boldly say that NCDMB past questions is one of the most important material you need to study to ace this screening test.

NCDMB Aptitude Test

Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board screening for new recruit is simply to enable the board select the best out of the many candidates that submitted applications. Usually, the test is always online which means you can take it using your mobile, iPad or computer.

We also have the following past questions available in our store:

Benefits of Studying NCDMB Past Questions PDF

There are key benefits which you stand to gain from downloading and studying NCDMB past questions and answers. Some of which includes the following.

  • Questions from this material will mostly like repeat in the forthcoming coming aptitude test
  • You will get to know the exam nature of NCDMB recruitment screening test
  • You get predisposed to the questions of the actual exam
  • Through the practice of NCDMB, you get to understand how many questions to expect and how better to allocate time
  • You will discover your area of weakness and then improve on them
  • Studying this material will help boost your self confidence

About NCDMB Aptitude Test Past Questions

The NCDMB past questions and answers we have is in Portable Document Format (PDF) i.e. softcopy, with this format, you can easily print it out or still read using your phone.

Also, the subject area which the aptitude test questions covers are:

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • Discipline base questions
  • General knowledge

Sample of NCDMB Past Questions

Question 3

From 2006 to 2007 Attributable profit increased at double the percentage rate as it did between 2005-2006. What was the Attributable profit figure for 2005?

  • £0.23 million
  • £1.03 million
  • £1.83 million
  • £1.87 million
  • £2.03 million

If the target was to have an average profit (per unit) in excess of 50p, in which year or years was this achieved?

  • A. 2006
  • B. 2006 & 2007
  • C. 2010
  • D. 2007 and 2010
  • E. 2006, 2007 & 2010

In 2011, if Adjusted earnings increase by an eighth and there is a 2:3 ratio of (2011 Adjusted earnings: 2011 Cash flow), what will be the Cash flow in2011?

  • £2.14 million
  • £1.87 million
  • £1.25 million
  • £0.83 million
  • £0.14 million

Which year had the lowest ratio of Adjusted earnings to Attributable profit?

  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010

How to Download NCDMB Past Questions and Answers PDF

You can download NCDMB recruitment past questions and answers by simply clicking on the blue download button on your screen and thereafter follow the instructions provided there.

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