NAMCUS Past Questions and Answers PDF

NAMCUS Past Questions and Answers PDF – Download Here

NAMCUS past questions and answers PDF updated version is available for download on this page. So, if you’re participating in the National Mathematics Competition for University then you need this material to prepare.

Preparing for NAMCUS could be really stressful if you lack the right material. This is why we have compiled and made available for download NAMCUS past questions.

See below the benefits you stand to gain in studying this material.

Why Download NAMCUS Past Questions

I understand that even before you search for this material, you definitely understood the importance, but a way to keep you in check, below are some of the outstanding reasons why you should download and check NAMCUS past questions.

  • You will get to understand the exams questions pattern
  • It is very likely, that questions will repeat
  • Studying NAMCUS past questions will boost self-morale
  • You will know your area of weakness and aspects to prepare better on

Don’t forget that, these are not the only benefits, even as you read the material, you’d affirm to this.

Features of NAMCUS Past Questions PDF

We understand that you would like to have a preview of the material before you purchase it. Apart from getting a screenshot from us when you chat up our sales rep, below are the areas which the past questions cover which is same as that of the exams.

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Current affairs
  • English language
  • General knowledge

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Sample Version 

When was the state of Israel created out of Palestine?

A. 14th may 1948

B. 10th December 1947

C. 12th May 1945

D. 1st October 1946

E. 23rd August 1950

The last time new states were created in Nigeria was

A. 1st October 1996

B. 1st October 1995

C. 27th August 1993

D. 29th May 1999

15 th January 1997

Given the series 9/2, 13/2, 17/2 fill the blank in the following 5/2, …..,


A. ½

B. 1

C. 3/2

D. 7/2

E. 2

The federal government of Nigeria has banned the importation of second hand vehicles (tokunbo) that are more than ………….. years old into Nigeria.

A. 5 years

B. 8 years

C. 10 years

D. 15 years

E. 3 years

How to Download NAMCUS Past Questions

To download National Mathematics Competition for University past questions, you have to pay a token of Two Thousand Naira (N2,000) using any of the methods we’ve provided below.

To download NMCN Past Questions, click the blue download button, follow the instructions thereof, complete your payment then return to the download page to get a copy of the material.

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