LSHS Past Questions and Answers Pdf Download Here

LSHS Past Questions and Answers Pdf Download Here

LSHS Past Questions and Answers Pdf is downloadable here. Are you in search of a material that would aid adequate preparation for Lagos State Health Service Commission recruitment aptitude test?

If yes, we’re excited to have you in our store right now. We have provided the appropriate steps through which you can successfully apply for LSHS past questions PDF.

Note that before you are considered eligible for employment, you mut have atleast 50% in the forthcoming aptitude test, anything outside that would lead to disqualification.

Also, remember the process you’ve gone through already to get shortlisted for the aptitude test, you need to put in your best in other not to ruin the entire process.

Benefits of Studying LSHS Past Questions

There are numerous profits you will gain from studying this material for the upcoming Lagos State Health Service Commission aptitude test.

Note, we’re not saying that you should read LSHS past questions alone but rather it is one of the most important materials you should go through in respect to this material.

The benefits you would derive after studying this material includes:

  • Having a better understanding of what the exams would look like
  • There is tendency that questions might repeat
  • Learn how questions are being tackled
  • It will also boost your self confidence

Features of LSHS Past Questions PDF

The Lagos State Health Service Commission recruitment past questions and answers we have available is in soft copy PDF and it covers the following areas.

  • General health questions
  • Numeral reasonings
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Current Affairs

These are the core aspect which the questions cover. Another important thing is that, the aptitude test is not based on the position you applied for, rather it is the oral interview that would be so.

We also have the following past questions available in our store:

Sample of LSHS Past Questions 

These questions are derived from Critical Reasoning

Olu runs faster than Kunle, Kunle runs faster than Tayo, Simbi runs faster than Tayo. Which of the option would be right

  1. Olu runs faster than Simbi
  2. Tayo runs faster than Olu
  3. Kunle and Simbi run at the same speed
  4. Simbi is the fastest runner
  5. Kunle has two running speed

To get a clearer picture, let’s represents the names with alphabet Olu = O, Tayo = T, Kunle = K and Simbi = S

O>K>T also S>T. The two options that meets the eye as correct are option A and C. But C is wrong because we cannot say for sure if Kunle and Simbi run at the same speed even if they both have speeds that are greater than that of Tayo.

Therefore, the right option is Olu runs faster than Simbi (A)

Mary: Mr Shola’s children are not okay because they have sickle cell anemia

Martha: No, Mr Shola’s children are okay

If anybody that has sickle cell anemia is considered as not being okay, which of the option would be correct

  1. Mary is correct because she sounds clearer
  2. Martha is correct because she is succinct
  3. Neither of them is correct
  4. We cannot say for sure without further information
  5. Both of them are correct based on their view

The Right Option is D. We need more clarification to their views.

How to Download LSHS Past Questions and Answers Pdf

To get LSHS past questions, you have to pay a token of Two Thousand Naira (N2,000) using any of the methods we’ve provided below.

You can download this material by simply clicking on the blue download button on your screen and thereafter follow the instructions provided there.

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