Iyienu School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

Iyienu School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

You can download Iyienu School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF to enable you prepare better for the upcoming entrance exam.

Are you considering pursuing a career in nursing? The journey to becoming a nurse is both rewarding and challenging. One effective way to prepare for success in nursing school is by studying past questions.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of studying Eleyele School of Nursing past questions and how they can significantly contribute to your academic and professional growth.

Sample of Iyienu School of Nursing Past Questions

Choose the best of the options from the Questions below

If hydrogen suiphide gas is passed into a solution of a pure iron chloride, a yellow deposit appears. If left behind. The pale green solution is

  1. Dilute sulphuric acid
  2. Dilute Hydrochloric acid
  3. Unreacted hydrogen suiphide in water
  4. iron (II) chloride
  5. iron (II) chloride

A solid X when heated gives off a brown gas. If X is soluble in excess sodium hydroxide solution but insoluble in excess ammonium hydroxide solution, then X is

  1. Basic lead carbonate
  2. Lead (II) trioxonitrate
  3. Sodium carbonate
  4. Zinc nitrate
  5. Sodium nitrate

When excess ethanol is heated to 145°C in the presence of concentrated sulphuric acid, the product is. A. Diethyl ether

  1. Ethyne
  2. Diethyl sulphate
  3. Acetone
  4. Ethanoic acid

Given the mean atomic mass of chlorine prepared in the laboratory to be 35.5 and assuring that chlorine contains two isotopes of mass number 35 and 37, what is the percentage composition of the isotope of mass number 35?

  1. 20
  2. .25
  3. 50.
  4. 75
  5. 90

Features of Iyienu School of Nursing Past Questions

The Iyienu School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers that we have available for download is in Portable Document Format (PDF) which is soft copy. The file is easily accessible by any device and you can as well print it out.

Concerning the subject areas, it covers the aspects below.

  • Use of English
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • General knowledge

Would you like to download any of the following:

Benefits of Studying Iyienu School of Nursing Past Questions

There is definitely a difference between a candidates who prepare for this exam with past questions and one who does not. The factors below are what distinguish these two category, so decide on which you would like to be.

  • Through the study of Iyienu School of Nursing past questions, you will get to understand the exam pattern
  • You will discover your area of weakness and then improve on them
  • Questions are very likely to repeat
  • You will get predisposed to the actual exam question
  • Studying this material will help boost yourself Morales by making you feel better prepared

These are just some of the highlights, follow the steps below to submit an application.

How to Download Iyienu School of Nursing Past Questions PDF

To get Iyienu School of Nursing Past Questions, proceed by clicking the blue download button at the start of this page then follow the instructions thereof, complete your payment then return to the download page to get a copy of the material (remember it is soft copy i.e. Portable Document Format, PDF).

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