FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF

FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

Federal University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF is available for download now on our store.

We have compiled and uploaded to this page the up-to-date FETHA school of nursing past questions PDF for download. If you’re preparing to ace the upcoming examination then definitely you need this material.

It is one thing to prepare for an examination and another important thing is knowing the right material to read in other to ensure success.

In this context, FETHA school of nursing past questions is one of the best material you can prepare with.

Benefits of FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions

We have received several testimonials from previous candidates of FETHA school of nursing entrance exam candidates and below are some of the things they benefitted from studying the material.

  • Understanding better how the questions are being set and how it looks.
  • You will discover questions that are always repeat as well as topics
  • The material will predispose you to the actual exam questions
  • After studying this material, your confidence will be boosted as you will feel better prepared
  • It will help you overcome exam fright easily

Features of FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions

The FETHA school of nursing past questions we currently have available for download is in Portable Document Format (PDF) i.e. soft copy.

It is well arranged, easily accessible by any device. You can choose to read the material soft copy using your phone or system or better still print it out.

Whichever way, the material is very versatile. It as well covers the following subjects areas of the examination.

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Use of English

We also have the following past questions available.

Sample of FETHA Nursing Past Questions

63. Which of the following types of motion does a body ‗undergo when acted upon by a couple? A. vibrational B. translational C. Rotational D. Random.

64. The frequency of a swinging pendulum is the A. number of complete oscillations the pendulum makes in one second B. number of amplitudes the bob makes in on second C. angle the bob swings through in one second D.. distance the bob covers in one second.

65. Which of the following methods quantities has the same units as energy? A. power B. work C. force D. Momentum.

66. Which of the following methods can be used to separate a mixture of two miscible liquids with different boiling points? A. Decantation B. Distillation C. evaporation D. Filtration.

67. Pig-iron is brittle because it contains A. a high percentage of carbon as impurity

B. calcium trioxosilicate (iv) C. unreacted haematite D. Undecompensed limestone.

68. Which of these metals will not liberate hydrogen from dilute Hel? A. copper B. Iron C. Magnesium D. Zinc.

69. Radon is used as a tracer in medical research because it A. is monatomic B. is radioactive C. is a noble gas D. has a complete valence shell.

How Download to FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions PDF

To get FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions, proceed by clicking the blue download button at the start of this page then follow the instructions thereof, complete your payment then return to the download page to get a copy of the material (remember it is soft copy i.e. Portable Document Format, PDF).

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