FCT School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF

FCT School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

Federal Capital Territory, Gwagwalada FCT School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF is now available online to download on this store.

Have you been searching online to download FCT school of nursing and midwifery past questions? If yes, we’re excited you found PastQuestionHub.

On this page, we have provided the link to download the up-to-date FCT school of nursing past questions to enable you prepare better for the forthcoming recruitment exercise.

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Be that as it may, the very important thing for you right now would be how to pass the FCT school of nursing entrance exam, right? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Why Download FCT School of Nursing Past Questions?

One of the challenges candidates about taking this exam fact is the right material to prepare with. This prompted us to get the original and up-to-date FCT school of Nursing past questions and answers to enable you prepare better.

Base on the testimony of previous years candidates, below are the benefits you stand to gain after downloading this material.

  • Basically, you will take note of questions that do repeat
  • Next is that, you will understand the nature of the exams
  • How questions are set, the pattern and how best to answer them
  • Through practice, you will understand better how to allocate time to each question
  • FCT nursing past questions will give you insight of what the actual exams would look like

Having said this, there are also other things you will discover once you begin studying the material.

We also have the following past questions available.

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75. Which of the following irons will migrate to the cathode during electrolysis? A. Zinc iron B. Chloride irons C. sulphide irons D. tetraoxosulphate (vi) ions.

76. What quantity of electrons (in mole) is lost when one mole of iron(II) irons oxidized to iron (III) irons? A. 5 moles B. 4 moles C. 1 mole D. 3 moles.

77. The common feature of reactions at the anode is that A. electrons are consumed B. oxidation is involved C. irons are reduced D. the electrode dissolves.
78. Ethane undergoes mainly addition reactions because it is

A. a gas B. a hydrocarbon C. unsaturated D. a covalent compound.

79. The position of equilibrium in a reversible reaction is affected A. particle size of the reactants B. change in concentration of the reactants C. presence of a catalyst D. change in size of the reaction vessel.

80. The reactions between alkanoic acids and alkanols in the presence of a mineral acid is known as A. sapontification
B. Hydrolysis C. Polymerization D. etherification.

81. A fundamental similarity between nervous and hormonal system is that both A. involve chemical transmission B. have widespread effects C. shed chemical into the blood stream D. evoke rapid response

How to Download FCT School of Nursing Past Questions PDF

To get FCT School of Nursing Past Questions, proceed by clicking the blue download button at the start of this page then follow the instructions thereof, complete your payment then return to the download page to get a copy of the material (remember it is soft copy i.e. Portable Document Format, PDF).

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