Access Bank Past Questions and Answers PDF Download Updated

Access Bank Past Questions and Answers PDF Download Updated

Hello there, are you in need of Access Bank past questions and answers PDF to download and enhance preparation for the upcoming recruitment aptitude test exercise? If yes, then you’re on the right page.

Details about the past questions and comprehensive steps on how you can download the material are provided below.

As job applicant, we understand that it is your main objective to pass the recruitment screening and finally gain employment. In this context, we have compiled and made available in PDF format the up-to-date Access Bank past questions and answers.

As you’re preparing for the forthcoming screening exercise whether interview of CBT, it is really necessary you prepare hard and smart. Hard in the sense that, you need to sit and read, then smart in the sense that you have to study the right material.

Smart work is getting a material such as Access bank past questions to practice and this will keep you an edge over other applicants.

Benefits of Downloading & Studying Access Bank Past Questions

Downloading this material doesn’t do the magic but once you begin to study and practice it, below are the benefits you stand to gain.

  • The past questions will expose you to the core aspect of Access Bank job aptitude test
  • Through studying Access Bank past questions, you get pre-exposed to the actual exam questions
  • It is not news that definitely some questions from this material will repeat
  • You get the understand the areas which questions are being set, the manner which you’re expected to answer and then the nature of the questions
  • You will learn how to allocate and manage time for each questions to ensure productivity
  • The past questions will serve as the necessary experience you require to ace this screening test

Note that, the access bank past questions and answers that we have on this page is simply the compilation of previous years screening test questions then answers are provided according to the marking scheme.

We also have the following past questions available in our store:

Features of Access Bank Recruitment Past Questions

Kindly note that the material is in Portable Document Format (PDF), it is accessible via any device and can easily be printed out. This is due to the fact that we currently do not provide hardcopy.

The subject areas which Access Bank recruitment past questions covers are:

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Abstract reasoning
  • English language
  • Current affairs and general knowledge on banking sector

Sample of Access Bank Past Questions

For ambitious employees, a good relationship with their immediate boss is crucial. A bad relationship can lead to missed opportunities for promotion, and even damage professional reputations. A boss who possesses a thorough understanding of the company’s future direction and ultimate goals is the person best equipped to help an employee achieve success.

Communication is key. It is important to understand a boss’s personal goals and priorities within the company, as well as their individual management approach. Clarifying instructions, anticipating needs, requesting feedback, and accepting criticism gracefully all help to build a solid working relationship.

On the other hand, artificial flattery or excessive deference are tactics unlikely to impress if promotion is the goal – a good employee should demonstrate the potential to be an equally effective boss.

Q1  Employees must reject criticism to build a good working relationship with their boss.

True                             False                                 Cannot say

Answer: False – the passage explicitly states the opposite, that “accepting criticism gracefully [helps to] build a solid working relationship.”

Q2 A bad relationship with a boss can lead to missed opportunities, but does not risk an employee’s reputation.

True                            False                                 Cannot say

Answer: False – the passage states, “A bad relationship [with an employer] can…damage professional reputations.” The statement is therefore incorrect.

Q3 Flattering the boss can be an effective approach for an employee seeking promotion.

True                                           False                                    Cannot say

Answer: Cannot say – the passage states “artificial flattery [is] unlikely to impress if promotion is the goal”, but makes no comment about the effect of sincere flattery. So that tells us about artificial flattery and that it is unlikely to impress. Regarding flattery in general, the passage does not state that flattery can or cannot be an effective approach for seeking promotion, so we cannot say if this is true or false.

How to Download Access Bank Past Questions and Answers PDF

You can download this material by simply clicking on the blue download button on your screen and thereafter follow the instructions provided there.

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